Fat Joe Heads To Capitol Hill To Fight For Health Care Price Rights

D.L. Chandler

Fat Joe will visit Capitol Hill this week with a pair of his famous friends on behalf of patients who are demanding transparency when it comes to hospital bills. Along with the Bronx veteran, Busta Rhymes, and Rick Ross will also be in tow.

Fat Joe, one of the spokespersons for Power to the Patients, an advocacy group that uses the arts to bring awareness to health care billing transparency, will be in Washington this Thursday (April 27) along with Bussa Bus and Ricky Rozay, according to reports from The Hill and TMZ Hip Hop.

“Our healthcare system needs comprehensive reform and I remain committed to using my platform to work alongside Power to the Patients and give a voice to the voiceless,” Fat Joe exclusively shared with The Hill in a statement. “We must demand accountability from hospitals and insurers, so people can get a transparent understanding of the cost of their medical bills and make more informed financial decisions on healthcare services.”

The “Lean Back” star issued a pair of PSAs on behalf of Power to the Patients, including one released on April 19 which we’ll share down below. An earlier PSA aired during this year’s Super Bowl contest.

Fat Joe, real name Joseph Cartagena will then perform at an event sponsored by Power to the Patients ahead of the White House Correspondents’ Association on Thursday as well.