Morehouse School of Medicine Physician Assistant Students Finishing Up Rotations in Maine

By Matthew Jaroncyk

In early September, four physician assistant students from Morehouse School of Medicine teamed up with Northern Light Health for an eight-week rotation that would allow them to expand their rural healthcare knowledge.

On their final day, the students reflected on the work they’ve done here.

“I really plan on taking the knowledge I’ve acquired. whether it’s learning how to talk to patients, whether it’s learning how to code, whether it’s learning how to chart accurately – I plan on carrying that with me throughout my entire career,” said Detavius Veal, a physician assistant student at Morehouse School of Medicine

The four spent their time in health centers as far away as Presque Isle and Cutler, spending long hours learning how to apply their hands-on training to the field of their choice.

This work often comes with challenges, something physician assistant student Maddie Vinet says is worth tackling and learning from.

“I feel like for me as a student, it’s been really helpful because it’s let me know that yes, this is where I’m comfortable, but sometimes it’s good to step outside your comfort zone and really stretch yourself where you can,” said Vinet.

Northern Light Health Senior Vice President Navneet Marwaha took a special interest in the cohort after their orientation courses.

She says the work the group presented throughout this rotation helps highlight the importance of mentoring the next generation of physician assistants.

“Hearing their curiosity, the questions they come with, the science you can teach them, it just energizes me seeing their enthusiasm and their energy levels. I’m taking something from this also,” said Marwaha.