Jackson State University students gain real-world opportunities at Honeywell HBCU leadership summit

Written by Jackson State University

Jackson State University is proud to announce that five students were among an elite group chosen to attend the Honeywell HBCU Leadership Summit in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The summit offered a unique platform for HBCU students to gain essential professional development skills such as resume crafting, delivering impactful elevator pitches, mastering interview techniques, effective networking, and exploring internship opportunities.

Mya Thomas, one of the selected students, expressed her gratitude, “Being chosen to represent Jackson State University as one of 33 students at the Honeywell HBCU Leadership Summit was an honor. Learning from experienced and new professionals at Honeywell was invaluable. It encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone, which helped me grow professionally. ” said Mya Thomas, a junior computer science major.

The event facilitated opportunities for students to network with Honeywell professionals across various industries and attend sessions highlighting the company’s societal impact and future vision. Notably, recent HBCU graduates now employed at Honeywell shared their experiences balancing full-time work with graduate studies.

The summit included the presence of Honeywell’s CEO and CHRO sharing their career paths and emphasizing the importance of transferable skills that encouraged students to learn experiences that enhance marketability in the workforce.

Participants visited Johnson C. Smith University, integrating community service into the professional development experience. It also created a unique and meaningful experience for students like supply chain management major Cayleigh Bland, who secured a summer internship at Honeywell.

Reflecting on her preparation at Jackson State, Bland said, “JSU has thoroughly prepared us. The College of Business provided numerous opportunities for professional growth, equipping us with skills needed in corporate environments. Jackson State has been instrumental in nurturing these skills, and applying them in the real world has been incredibly beneficial.”

Career Service Center Directors and Staff utilized the summit to network with Honeywell and discuss future collaborations. It also created a transformative experience for Thomas, who received a job offer immediately following the Honeywell HBCU Leadership Summit.

Receiving a job offer immediately after the summit was exhilarating! In that moment, pride and gratitude filled me, knowing that professionals saw me as an asset to their team. I engaged with numerous professionals and remained inquisitive with thoughtful questions, ensuring I stood out by being authentically me. My determination to grow, absorb advice, and step out of my comfort zone shaped me into a leader. I took notes and applied them to my reality, paving the way to my success,” she said.

The summit concluded with the establishing of a task force focused on enhancing Honeywell’s partnerships with HBCUs, marking a significant step closer to more professional development opportunities.