Black Girl Vitamins teams up with Howard University WBB

By Steven J. Gaither

Howard University women’s basketball has a new sponsor — Black Girl Vitamins.

The black-owned brand has entered a historic multi-year partnership to empower young black women.

“Our vitamins now’ fuel these HBCU Queens and Division I athletes,” the brand said in a brief statement. “Watch out for them to dominate at Burr Gymnasium, powered by BGV.”

“I’m extremely excited about this partnership! As a huge supporter of those who positively impact the Black community and beyond,” Howard University head coach Ty Grace said in a statement. “Black Girl Vitamins has created a brand and product that promotes health and well-being for us. I look forward to the great things ahead!”

This is one of the three favorite Black Girl Vitamins that the Howard women’s basketball program has endorsed.

Black Girl Vitamins was founded to address the nutritional needs of underserved Black women.

Its mission, according to its website, is to provide high-quality solutions that cater to the needs of Black women. We envision a world where every Black Woman feels empowered and supported in her health journey.