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HBCU News is the leader in digital HBCU news and information about the African American community. HBCU News covers Historically Black Colleges & Universities, Breaking News, Politics, Top US stories, HBCU Research, Sports Coverage, stories related to Campus + Culture and much more. Staffed 24 hours, seven days a week by a dedicated team in HBCU News bureaus, HBCU News digital platforms deliver news from journalists in every corner of the nation.


To Inform and Empower the HBCU and African American community

We are storytellers and journalists united by a mission to inform and empower the HBCU and African American community.

We bear witness to history as it unfolds and explain not just what happened, but why, and what it means to us.

Our  platforms deliver HBCU content and services that enrich our lives, our families and our communities.

We are committed to serving the HBCU and African American community.

We are HBCU News