Passing the Torch: Cicely Tyson and Lupita Nyong’o

Cicely Tyson and Lupita Nyong’o, two of Hollywood’s greats. The award winning actresses have starred in some of Hollywood’s biggest films.

An actress and model, Cicely Tyson is an American icon. She has won numerous awards and acted in over a hundred films. Her career began as a model, and Tyson rose to the top quickly. When the model turned actress took her first role in a play, she was kicked out of her home by a mother who considered her profession sinful. Tyson got her first major role starring in French playwright Jean Gene’s “The Blacks,” which was the longest running off-Broadway play in the 1950’s. She got another major break in her acting career when she starred in the show “East Side/West Side.” Cicely has appeared in numerous shows and movies including “Guiding Light,” “The Help” and Tyler Perry’s “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” and “Madea’s Family Reunion.”

Another world-renowned actress who has won multiple awards and starred in several movies is Lupita Nyong’o. 

The Kenyan actress made her movie debut in the film “12 Years a Slave.” Nyong’o has had many lead roles in the MTV drama series “Shuga” and Jordan Peele’s “Us.” Nyong’o has also appeared in several Hollywood movies including the “Star Wars” movies and Marvel’s “Black Panther” movies. She even directed and produced her own documentary, “In My Genes,” in 2009. The academy award winning actress has taken Hollywood by storm, and her next project is a lead role in HBO Max’s “Americanah,” which is set to premiere this year.