Passing the Torch: Marie Van Brittan Brown and Marian R. Croak

American inventors Marie Van Brittan Brown and Marian R. Croak have made remarkable contributions with their creations such as the home security system.

Van Brittan Brown invented the first closed-circuit television security system, which served as a model for modern home security systems used today. She also is responsible for the creation of the first closed circuit television. Her inspiration to create the system was the high rate of crime in her neighborhood of Queens, New York. Consisting of peepholes, a camera, monitors and a two-way microphone, the security system allowed Van Brittan Brown to contact the police by pushing a button. It also included a remote that locked the door from a safe distance. After receiving the patent for the system in 1969, she was interviewed by the New York Times and was awarded by the National Scientists Committee.

The Vice President of Engineering for Google, Marian R. Croak has made great strides in regard to voice and data communication.

Credited for the development of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), Croak has hundreds of other patents regarding VOIP. With a Ph.D. in Qualitative Analysis and Social Psychology from Princeton University, she is responsible for the technology behind Skype and SMS messaging. Croak revolutionized texting and has transformed the internet.

Van Brittan Brown raised the standard for safety, and Croak greatly expanded the capabilities of internet and wireless service. These two brilliant minds have made great contributions in the area of science and technology.