Who Appointed Van Jones To Be Chief Ambassador Of The Black Delegation?

By Zack Lilly

I‘m pretty sure there was a time when I used to like Van Jones. I’m not sure when that was. It was definitely before he started urging Black people to give Donald Trump his flowers because Trump “did good stuff for the Black community,” even though he really didn’t. It was certainly before Jones blamed Black people’s “lifestyle choices” for why we were disproportionately vulnerable to COVID-19. I couldn’t have possibly liked Van at any time after he attended CPAC and tap-danced to the tune of “Kumbaya, My White Nationalist Lord.” It must have been well before Jones baby-sat former presidential senior advisor Jared Kushner during an interview full of weak, softball questions as if Van’s show was Fox News in CNN clothing. It was definitely before he defended Melania Trump.

Or maybe I’m wrong and I actually never liked Van Jones. Maybe I just dreamed that I liked him once. Either way, I don’t mess with him now, and I find myself wondering why he even thinks he is apologizing for antisemitism on behalf of Black people.

I just want to know who appointed Contemporary Aaron Burr to the position of Chief Ambassador of the Black Delegation. Who fished this man out of the sunken place and told him he could be the senior cookout spokesman for the African American alliance? Who told the flip-flop king of slacktivism to stand before what was likely a largely white audience and declare on behalf of Black people that we apologize for being silent about Kanye West’s bigotry against Jewish people, ignoring the barrage of Black media outlets and Black social media efforts that condemned Ye’s antisemitic antics?

Well, maybe Jones will pay closer attention now that Black Twitter has turned its sights on him because he’s revealed himself to have been out of touch with Black people for at least the better part of the last decade. (If he was ever really in touch.)

Just because there are Black people out there defending Ye and agreeing with his antisemitic nonsense doesn’t mean Van gets to go outside of the Black collective and treat us like a monolith that needs to be held accountable because he perceives us as “silent” when, really, he just hasn’t been paying attention.