Delaware State University’s Inspired Day of Service distributes for the Food Bank

Courtesy of Delaware State University

About 35 Delaware State University students took advantage an opportunity take part in an Inspired Day of Service event by helping the Food Bank of Delaware distribute food to local area residents.

The distribution was held on campus in the parking lot behind the Bank of America Building. There, about 35 students met a continuous line of community members in their cars, where the Hornet community service volunteers put whole turkeys and other foodstuff in their vehicle trunks.

According to Dr. Travis Sudler, the Director Strategic Enrollment, Academic Services and Compliance, about 120 families took advantage of the Food Bank Distribution Day between 8:30-11:30 a.m.

“This provides our Inspired Scholarship students and other scholarship recipients with the opportunity to fulfill some of their community service requirement,” said Dr. Sudler, who coordinated that event.

For one student, it was about more than just working off some community service hours.

“It’s about helping people, that’s the overall thing,” said Derrick Denn, a freshman psychology major from New Castle, Del. “Helping people is what brings me happiness.”

Michelle Markland, a sophomore nursing major from Felton, Del., said in helping people, it was also a way for to address her shyness. “I am kind of introverted, so it is nice for me to get out and meet some people.”