Nia Dacosta’s ‘The Marvels’ Has Become Highest-Grossing Film For A Black Woman Director

By Candace McDuffie

Even though there were numerous reports that The Marvels had the worst opening weekend ever for any MCU film at $47 million, director Nia DaCosta has made history.

The Marvels, is now the highest-grossing film for a Black female director and has surpassed Ava DuVernay‘s A Wrinkle in Time. The Marvels has amassed $161 million worldwide (A Wrinkle in Time amassed $132 million).

DaCosta was second to DuVernay with her previous film, Candyman.

Following the news that The Marvels had the worst opening weekend ever for any MCU film at $47 million, Trump reposted a Breitbart article that attacked Disney for the failure.

Trump took the chance to boost Ike Perlmutter, the former CEO at Marvel Entertainment, by stating “Bring back Ike Perlmutter. Nobody ran a better studio or company better than him!”

Chances are, if you are a white man being boosted by Donald Trump, you’ve most likely done or said something racist. And true to form, back in 2015, Vanity Fair reported that Perlmutter allegedly said that Black people all “look the same” when it came to recasting Iron Man’s Colonel James Rhodes.

“According to The Financial Times, when Don Cheadle was hired at a much cheaper rate to replace Terrence Howard in the Iron Man franchise, Perlmutter allegedly told former chairman of Disney consumer products Andy Mooney that no one would notice because Black people ‘look the same,’” an excerpt from the article stated.

The Vanity Fair piece also explained that Perlmutter was responsible for the Black Widow Marvel merchandise and toys not being released: “Perlmutter—who has a background in the toy business—was specifically responsible for the controversial decision to take a gendered approach to Avengers merchandise.

“In short, the blame is falling on him for the conspicuous absence of Black Widow-related toys.” Of course, Perlmutter is a strong Trump supporter and will back him in 2024 with a large financial donation.