NAACP’s host Votecoming

Written By Marlazia Folse

In a remarkable display of civic engagement and activism, the college chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People(NAACP) had a week-long series of events on Southern University’s campus, collectively titled “Votecoming.” The initiative aims to motivate students to exercise their right to vote and participate actively in the democratic process. This week features a variety of activities.

It begins with the “Church Canvassing”. Southern University’s NAACP makes an appearance at Beacon Light Baptist Church. They can show that it is important to not only make an impact on campus, but on our community too. The organization shares knowledge with the community and makes them aware of the runoff elections.

Following “Church Canvassing” is “Standing on Business.” This consists of Red Bean Monday in Mayberry Dining with Mr.College of Business, Christion Little. Students and Faculty can grab Lunch and interact with the NAACP and Mr.College of Business. Following this is Dorm Storms. The NAACP made their way to on-campus housing buildings to instill knowledge into the student body about voting.

The NAACP organization set the stage for the week’s festivities with a “Super Tuesday” second-line parade that was nothing short of electrifying. The campus came alive as the rhythmic beats of the band echoed through the air, drawing students from all corners of the campus to join the celebration. Food and drinks are provided generously as students dance and parade, brandishing colorful signs advocating for the importance of voting. The event successfully combines the excitement of a celebration with the crucial message of democratic participation.

Morgyn Edwards, a sophomore Agriculture Business major, shared her experience, “Super Tuesday was one of my favorite events during “Votecoming” week. This event highlighted Louisiana culture while advocating for students to vote on campus.”

Following the lively Super Tuesday, the NAACP organized a “Chat & Chew” event, providing students with a unique opportunity to meet and converse with local political candidates. Over lunch, students engage in thoughtful discussions, asking candidates questions on a range of questions.

The pinnacle of “Votecoming” week was undoubtedly “Prowl to the Polls.” The NAACP’s mission of fostering civic engagement and encouraging voter turnout reached its climax. Students are allowed to board party buses for free rides to polling stations. The day fills with exciting activities, including t-shirt giveaways, airbrushed hats, and photo booths, all designed to engage and motivate students.

Drew Walker, a Senior Child Development major from Carrollton, Texas, gave her opinion on the week. “I feel as if “Votecoming” week was effective. The events that they put on kept us entertained and made voting fun. I think this was a good way to get students to vote.”

To gain a deeper insight into the purpose and impact of “Votecoming” week, we spoke with DeAnna Moncriffe, the Compliance Officer of Southern’s NAACP. She expressed, “The main objective for “Votecoming” week was to have voter education, enhance awareness and involvement with voter education, and increase the excitement of the student body. But, we also give them the tools that they need to know why voting is important and how it can benefit or detriment us.”

In a time when engaging young voters is crucial, the college NAACP’s “Votecoming” week has set a shining example of how to make the democratic process more accessible and enjoyable for students. By combining festive events with serious discussions and free transportation to the polls, the organization succeeds in making a tangible impact on campus. As the 2024 elections draw near, the inspiring week has set a precedent for future efforts to encourage civic participation among the youth.