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L.A. County to pay $20M for Black family’s seized land

By Alicia Victoria Lozano Southern California beachfront property that was taken from a Black couple through eminent domain a century ago and returned to their heirs last year will be sold back to Los Angeles County for nearly $20 million, officials said Tuesday. The heirs’ decision to sell what was once known as Bruce’s Beach was announced by Janice Hahn, chair of the county Board of Supervisors, and state Sen. Steven Bradford, who led local and state governmental efforts to undo the long-ago injustice. “This fight has always been about what is best for the Bruce family, and they feel what is best for them

Justice Jackson working on a memoir, titled ‘Lovely One’

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is working on a memoir. Jackson, the first Black woman appointed to the court, is calling the book “Lovely One.” “Mine has been an unlikely journey,” Jackson said in a statement released Thursday by Random House. “But the path was paved by courageous women and men in whose footsteps I placed my own, road warriors like my own parents, and also luminaries in the law, whose brilliance and fortitude lit my way. This memoir marries the public record of my life with what is less known. It will be a transparent accounting of what it takes to rise

US Virgin Islands AG Denise George Fired Days After Accusing JPMorgan Chase Of Aiding Jeffrey Epstein

By Zack Linly Denise George, the now-former attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands, has been fired days after she filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase in New York that alleged the company of aiding Jeffrey Epstein in the illegal exploitation and sex trafficking of women and children. So far, the Virgin Islands’ governor has not given any clear reason for George’s sudden dismissal, so you already know the fine folks on social media are filling in the blanks by suggesting Epstein is still being protected posthumously by elites who are invested in keeping a lid on the Epstein rabbit hole, and,

Remembering Influential Black People Who Passed Away in 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, we remember those we lost. Here are some of the influential people who touched our lives and shifted the culture with their timeless contributions.    Mary Alice Smith – Actress Award-winning actress Mary Alice Smith died at the age of 85. Known for her role as the oracle in The Matrix Revolutions, the third movie in the trilogy, but her catalog extends beyond that franchise. She was truly an acting legend in her own right. Alice began her acting career in local theater in her hometown of Indianola, Mississippi. Source: ABC Photo Archives / Getty   Eventually, she would

2023 Expected To Bring More Justice For Ahmaud Arbery As Ex-DA’s Meddling Case Set To Finally Begin

By Bruce C.T. Wright One of the final missing pieces to completing the jigsaw puzzle of justice for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery could finally be realized in 2023, a time span that will likely end up exceeding three years since the shocking racist vigilante shooting in the small, coastal town of Brunswick, Georgia. Jackie Johnson, the former district attorney in Glynn County credibly accused of trying to protect the men convicted of murdering Arbery as the 25-year-old Black man was running in a subdivision, is expected to be arraigned this month, more than a year after she was indicted on one felony

A record number of women will serve in the next Congress

By Janie Boschma, Simone Pathe, Maeve Reston and RenĂ©e Rigdon A record number of women won election to the 118th Congress – but barely. The 149 women who will serve in the US House and Senate will expand the ranks of female representation by just two members above the record set by the 117th Congress. Alaska carried women across that threshold in November when the state determined through its ranked-choice voting system that Rep. Mary Peltola, a Democrat, will represent the state’s at-large House seat for a full term after winning the special election earlier in the year, while Sen. Lisa Murkowski won reelection. Women will

Vice President Kamala Harris comes to Chicago on Wednesday to tout Biden administration accomplishments

By Lynn Sweet Vice President Kamala Harris visits Chicago on Wednesday, as President Joe Biden and other top administration officials travel across the nation to tout a series of major White House accomplishments, a White House official said Sunday. The Harris event in Chicago — the details of her stop are not finalized — comes the day after Republicans take control of the U.S. House of Representatives, which will make, in the second half of Biden’s first term, passing legislation very difficult. House Republicans, who will have subpoena power, have already said they would launch investigations into the business dealings

Jan. 6 response would have been ‘vastly different’ if rioters were Black, House sergeant at arms told investigators

By Ryan J. Rielly  The House sergeant at arms, who was the head of the D.C. National Guard during the attack on the Capitol, told the Jan. 6 committee that the law enforcement response would have looked much different had the rioters been Black Americans. “I’m African American. Child of the sixties. I think it would have been a vastly different response if those were African Americans trying to breach the Capitol,” William J. Walker told congressional investigators, in an interview transcript released Tuesday. “As a career law enforcement officer, part-time soldier, last five years full but, but a law enforcement officer

Before Southwest Cancellations, NY AG Letitia James Warned Pete Buttigieg About ‘Escalating Pattern’

By Bruce C.T. Wright New light is being shed on Southwest Airlines’ mass cancellations as attention turns to U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Pete Buttigieg and how his actions, or inactions, factored into the ongoing air travel disaster affecting thousands of passengers. That new light just happens to also be old. Nearly five months before Southwest started canceling about 84% of its flights this and last weeks, New York Attorney General Letitia James appeared to be among the first in a succession of states’ legal authorities to warn Buttigieg about the frequency and timing of airlines delaying and canceling flights. In a letter to

Jackson’s Water Crisis Continues As Frigid Temps Cause Local State Of Emergency

By Bilal G. Morris The residents of Jackson are still struggling with proper access to water. Over the holiday weekend, Jackson mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba declared a local state of emergency due to the city’s low to no water pressure in certain areas.  The city spent most of the day on Monday identifying leaks to restore pressure, but pressure remains low.  On Christmas Day, Jackson officials issued a boil water notice to residents due to water lines bursting because of below-freezing temperatures.  “Please check your businesses and churches for leaks and broken pipes, as these add up tremendously and only