Renowned Songwriters Share Insights at Bowie State University Masterclass

Eric Roberson talks about his career during a Songwriting Masterclass event in the recital hall, Tuesday, March 12, 2024.

Courtesy of Bowie State University

Bowie State University welcomed two distinguished songwriters, Eric Roberson and Maimouna Youssef, to share their expertise and insights with aspiring musicians and songwriters during an exclusive songwriting masterclass at the Fine and Performing Arts Center.

Eric Roberson, known for his chart-topping soul hits and poetic lyricism, delved into his creative process, emphasizing the importance of consistency and patience in songwriting. “The reward is guaranteed but it isn’t guaranteed that you’ll see it.” he said.  Roberson also shared stories from his own journey in the music industry, offering invaluable lessons on artistic integrity.

Maimouna Youssef, also known as Mumu Fresh, acclaimed for her intersectional melodies, provided insights into the cultural aspect of songwriting. She showcased various techniques for composing melodies and harmonies and also highlighted the importance of Black spirituality in her process of songwriting.

Throughout the masterclass, both songwriters engaged in lively discussions with participants, answering questions and providing constructive feedback on songwriting techniques.

The Bowie State University Concert Choir treated the audience to a performance of their rendition of “Birmingham.”  Attendees departed with a newfound inspiration and determination to hone their craft. During a brief networking session after the masterclass, Bowie State University students could be heard discussing amongst each other the tools and wise words they picked up from the songwriters.

Reflecting on the experience, Assistant Director of Music Brandon Felder expressed gratitude to both songwriters for their generosity in sharing their knowledge and talent with the Bowie State University community.