Data Science and Analytics Symposium, Wednesday, May 1, 2024.

Data Science and Analytics Symposium Emphasizes Diversity

Courtesy of Bowie State University

Each day more solutions to address complex societal issues are being addressed using data science and analytics according to experts who presented information at Bowie State University’s 3rd Annual Data Science and Analytics Symposium. Students and other symposium attendees learned how AI, data science and analytics continue to transform how we approach and solve problems. 

“The symposium highlighted the importance of constantly updating and enhancing our data and analytical skills to meet ever evolving socio-economic challenges,” said Lucia Foster, Chief, Center for Economic Studies and Chief Economist, U.S. Census Bureau. “I appreciated the chance to see the work of so many student teams using these skills to address impactful questions and share my experiences as a social scientist who uses data a lot.” 

“My experience at the symposium was enriching,” said Ademola Obisesan, a senior business administration major with a concentration in data analytics. “The program highlighted a variety of career opportunities in the field of analytics and helped me to grow professionally.” 

Analysts use data every day to help organizations make critical informed decisions. Predictive analytics is a branch of advanced data analytics that makes predictions about future outcomes using historical data combined with statistical modeling, data mining techniques and machine learning, an application of AI that uses mathematical models of data to help a computer learn without direct instruction. 

“There is a need for more women and people of color to build AI models and fact check to ensure that data driven insights are not causing harm due to bias,” said Dr. Eona Harrison, director of BSU’s Center for Data Analytics. “All of the guest presenters who gave advice to students emphasized the need for more diversity in the data analytics and AI field.” 

In addition to the Census Bureau, Amazon, George Washington University, the CIA and other organizations participated in the symposium.